Reasons Why Teenagers Start Smoking

Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances on earth. The foul habit is often compared to the pollutants that are coughed out by vehicles.  Some doctors claim it’s more addictive than heroin and cocaine. Not only does it stimulate the brain, but it enters the bloodstream and calms the nerves. It’s known as a biphasic effect. It keeps smokers coming back for more.

According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), the younger people who begin to smoke, are more likely to become adult smokers. Almost three out of four regular smokers in high school have already tried and failed to quit, the ACS says. Smoking at a young age can set up a person for smoking-related illnesses, such as heart disease and lung problems, earlier in life.

So Instead of bringing out the dangers of smoking and the effects of smoking, we will try to bring out the simple reasons why teenagers start smoking cigarettes:


Teenagers are tend to follow their parents, they are the most influential person in their life. In case, their parents, either one of them, is a smoker, then they also pick up the habit from them because for teenagers their parents are mostly their first role model & they prefer doing what their role models do. .


This is one of the biggest reasons that teens start smoking. They do it because their friends do. Teens in middle and high school experience an acute form of peer pressure that is very real.

Peer pressure has its impact on teenagers, many preteens and teenagers try desperately to fit in with groups of friends, be well-liked, cool. Often, they feel a need to be part of a peer group. In case, this group consists of smokers, then they also smoke. They see their friends enjoying it and since it is easily available they start using it. How they respond to peer pressure is what will determine if they use tobacco or pass.


Media which portray smoking as a very “enjoyable experience” encourage teenagers to smoke. Heroes smoke and they have a certain coolness which attracts teenagers to follow them.

Emotional Pressure

Teenagers smoke to escape from the pressures of modern living. Often emotional pressures make them smoke too much. When they smoke, they feel a sense of relief from all of their problems. It gives them a happy feeling boost their confidence which might be more of a misnomer then truth. They end up taking up this bad habit to get out of emotional situation or even depression

Broken Families

Many teenagers who come from broken families face a lot of emotional disturbances. Besides that, due to their problems at home, teenagers may start smoking as a sign of rebellion. They want to show their parents that they are rebelling against them so, they start smoking.

Grown Up

Some teenagers feel they are grown-ups if they smoke. They would like to be adults as quickly as possible and would also like others to treat them so. Adolescence is a phase when most teenagers do not listen to their parents or well-wishers. They would like to do what they consider is the best for them. If they are forced by adults not to smoke, they would exactly do the opposite. Smoking cigarettes is a way they can make their parents angry and show that they can do what they want


It is also fashionable to smoke. Many teenage boys and girls feel very “cool” when they smoke. If they do not, they feel they are missing out on something, which most people do. So they also would like to try it out. Initially, it may be for fun, but later on they often get addicted to it.

Some Important Facts about Teenage Smoking

  • 90% of smokers start or have tried smoking by 18
  • 99% of smokers started smoking by 26
  • Flavorings in tobacco appeals more to youth
  • 30% of teen smokers continue to smoke throughout their life and die early