Steps to Manage your Sell Effectively

We all know that in current scenario there are different kinds of selling technique available. And each of these are very much effective. Today we will try to learn how to manage the Direct Selling effectively.

We have to follow some basics and we have to remember these basics all the time to manage the sell more effectively. Before going to discuss more about the direct selling. Follow these things strictly-

Have a Positive Attitude:

Have a positive attitude within you because your attitude will reflect on your face. And when you are in the profession of direct selling or door to door selling, then your face does 75% of your sells. In other way you should always be motivated & excited to meet a new person to discuss your product.

Maintain Your Attitude:

Maintaining your attitude is the most difficult thing you have to do while you are in this profession. You will get so much negatives regarding your product, company etc. And this is very much expected in direct selling. It is beneficial for you to make a habit of hearing ‘NO’. The more you will hear the word ‘NO’, the chances of getting sells will also be high.


Never think about these negatives that other customer told to you regarding your product. No matter how much negative someone will give you about your product, someone nearby you is looking for the same product & someone nearby you already bought that product while you were trying hard to sell your product to a negative customer.

So maintain your attitude throughout the day, you never know when you will get the sales. Never start thinking of negatives, this will make your face dull & sad. And believe me, no one will like to buy product from a hopeless sad sales person, not even you will like to do that.

Be On Time:

If you are prescheduled or taken an appointment to meet with a customer then no matter what has happened in your life, you have to be in front of the customer on time.

It is not advisable to reach earlier than the scheduled time also.

Be Prepared:

Before going in front of your customer prepare yourself with your presentation & all other necessary documents.

Keep everything in your file in arrange way, so that you will not have to waste your time by searching anything. It is a big negative for you if you are taking much time to search something inside of your bag.

Dress code is an important thing to decide. It up to you to decide your dress code whether you want to look professional by wearing a formal cloth or you want to look casual by wearing jeans. But don’t wear something which will make yourself funky, so that no one will take you seriously.

Work a Full Day:

It is common thing in direct selling that we will always not get the same amount of deal in each day. Sometime we can get the deal as early as morning or sometime we can get the deal at evening or sometime it may happen that we will not get a single deal in a full day and this may happen continuously for few days also.

But the point is never loose your positive attitude no matter what is happening with your sells. You will definitely get the deals if you are carrying positive attitude & if you are not doing any mistakes in the basic steps of sells.

Rethink about your whole selling process, find out your mistakes, correct & retry.

Work in Your Territory:

While working in a territory, it is very much important to manage your territory. Because each territory is different from another one. So work serially one by one. Don’t work on the basis of your selection of potential customer. You really don’t know who has the potential to buy your product unless you talk with them.

In this way you can easily work in a same area for long time, can use the reference of the customer who has bought your product & you will not get frustrated easily because you know that you already sold your product in the same area, this will also help you to be confident.

Have Goals:

Set a reasonable target for you before going out for sells. Don’t set your target too high or too low. Think of your average sells, think of about the best day you had in sells, then try to set a goal which will be realistic as per your potential.

Because setting a high target can demotivate you as soon as you hear the first NO of your day or you can also pressurize yourself too much which will reflect on your face and your will be boring again for the customer.

Take Control:

Don’t allow your customer to talk irrelevant which has no business with you. Be confident take control of your customer. But that does not mean that you will not listen the doubt or his concern regarding your product.

What I want to say is encourage your customer to clarify his doubts but never allow him to talk which is not related with your product. Make a good conversation with him but make it limited. Remember there are other customer with whom you have to meet.

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