Learn How To Speak English Fluently!!

We all know the basics of this most popular foreign language, we also have the knowledge about English Grammar but the main problem we face is we find difficulty to remember the proper/ relevant word while we are speaking with some one. Though we have the good knowledge about the sentence formation but still when we are speaking with some one, then we need a capacity to form new sentence quickly and it should be a meaningful sentence so that other person can understand what we want to say. For this we need to follow certain basic tips. These are-


Make a habit  of listening English news broadcast or watch English movies along with the subtitle so that it will be easy for you to understand the language. Listen English song and try to understand the lyrics properly.

Try listening not just to what the words mean, but how the person says them. Notice which word the person links together in a sentence.


While listening to a native English speaker it can be very much difficult to understand every single word that is spoken even they might speak some word that is unknown to you, so to resolve this issue you can practice by using FluentU. This website has a huge collection of English Videos. So that it will be very much useful for you to listen the English that people speak every day.

You can also use social media to connect with English speaker across the world. And also you can update your status in English  and write comment in English news paper also( Like In TOI).

Stop translating while listening English. Because if you are consistently translating then your speech will be slowed, as well as your response time.


Speaking English Fluently does not happen overnight and it will not happen without knowing some grammar. Reading exposes you to new vocabulary, sentence formation and it will introduce you to new grammar naturally.

No need to buy a English grammar book to speak English fluently. To learn different way of sentence formation you can follow any English news paper and read the news carefully. At the beginning you may need time to understand the news properly and you may have to take help of English Dictionary to find the meaning of a particular word. But don’t be lazy to do this.


Start writing your comment on different news or blog so that you can test yourself. Don’t feel shy to write comment on social networking site, just remember no one is perfect and don’t be scared by thinking what other people will think about you after reading your comment. Take time to write a comment it may be one sentence but after writing the comment reread the sentence and check if you write the same thing that you thought.

While you are reading a English story book or novel then read loudly so that at least you can hear your own voice. It will gradually help you to improve your English pronunciation. You will also find your own mistakes.

Read good quality books by famous authors and good English Newspapers. You will find many new words by reading books. This will improve your vocabulary. While reading try to understand the context in which the new words are used. Keep it in your mind and try to use them next time while you are speaking to colleagues and family friend. But remember while speaking try to to keep your voice natural do not make it sound too artificial.


Start communicating in English as much as possible. It all right to be wrong. You should do mistakes. But the point is you should learn from your own mistakes and move on.

Your mental block could also be a hindrance for fluency. That means your thinking you are poor in verbal expression” can make you stammer. So do not just talk. Talk confidently. Talk to take people by storm. And that is how you will improve your English fluency.


Read out loud will help you to improve your English speaking. Reading accurate and well-written texts out loud will help you make the connections of what your English sentences should sound like and you will probably build some vocabulary too.

Use a recording device to record your own voice, later listen it find your mistakes and then try to improve yourself.

Through all of this English practice, please remember to never be afraid or nervous to make a mistake. Mistakes Are Important For Learning, And Everyone Makes Them(Even Native Speakers)!

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