How To Write An Attractive Resume For Freshers!!

A resume is  an advertisement to sell your skill. So before writing a attractive resume for yourself, please take few minute to think, what you actually want to sell? What your customer will like to buy from you? Do you have sufficient knowledge to sell your skill? Think from the prospectus of an potential buyer.

So just try to recollect your memory when you watched TV or saw a big hoarding on roadside that touched your mind. Same here also, when you are writing your resume, you should represent your skill in such a way that it should be able to impress the interviewer.

Here we will discuss how to write resume for those candidate who are just trying to enter in to the job market. So dear friends please remember some strict guide line to write a good resume-

  •  Use Ms-Word to type your resume.
  •  Keep your margin space 1″-1.5″. Do not give more space in between two line.
  •  Do not make your resume colorful, keep it simple black & white.
  •  Try to limit the font size in two different size. You can make one size for heading/ subheading and  another size for normal text.
  •  Use Bold Letter to point out important points. Keep away from using underline.
  •  Write your resume in simple and clear words without adding too much information.
  •  Do not add too much of your contact details. In the age of Internet only your email id and phone number is enough as your contact details.
  •  Use proper email id, don’t use an email id like- rock, buddy, DOB, phone number, name of some one else. Finally it should look professional.
  •  In your personal details just write down your correct DOB, State, Country and father’s Name. Don’t write your whole family back ground in contact details.
  •  Recheck your spelling mistakes, punctuation mistakes & grammatical mistakes.

Length of Resume

     Your resume should  confine in one page maximum you can go for next page but one page is best. Maximum you can use two page. Use A4 size page. If you have to carry or submit hard copy of the resume then use good quality bond paper for printing purpose. Never use normal paper. This will make a wrong impression.

Heading of Resume

     This is the top/ first part of your resume. In this part write your name, phone number, email id and address.  Your font size should not exceed 14pts to type this part of the resume. Use 16pts only to type heading. Type in font style “Time New Roman‘” or in any other font style that will look professional and also it should be comfortable to read.

Career Objective In Resume

One of the most important aspects of your resume is the career objective in your resume. You should create a career objective that will clearly define your interviewer about the job that you want or you are able to do or you hope to achieve at the company/ firm where you are applying for work.

Main Part of Resume

  • First write the details about your educational qualification. Write this in reverse way. I mean write your last completed degree first and first completed degree last. Give details like name of School/College, Place, Major,  Year of passing , Percentage/ GPA. You can write this part of resume by making table & column.
  • Now write about some courses/ professional certificates that you have completed/received. Don’t fake in this part. Because this part attract more question from interviewer.

Till the above point you have represented your educational qualification, that is quite common with other people. In next part of your resume, you should have some main selling point that will sell your skill to the interviewer. These are the point that will make your stand separately from others people standing in the same ‘Q’.

  • Project:

Now write about the project/ internship that you did on/off campus during your education. Write some main points about your project but don’t explain everything about your project. Just write the objective of your project, the technology you used to complete this, number of member in the project. Give all the project details (small/ large) serially. Be specific.

  • Experience:

Write down your experience only if you have worked some where under salary. Don’t write as your experience if you have done only internship in some industry. Write the name of the company, duration of your experience, particular field on that you have experience and your position. Write all the above point serially. You can use Bullets.

  • Skills:

Represent with the skill or the quality that will create more interest about you. Point out your knowledge about different software language, hardware or any other technical skills. Remember you should have sufficient knowledge if you are writing a particular skill on your resume.

  • Activity:

In  this part write about different extra curriculum activities that you have done through out your school/college life. Like your roll in college club, annual function, sports etc. Point out your leadership quality (If any) and capability to do work within a given time period(If any) and also the capable to do work with a group(If any).

  • Interest:

List your interest only if have good knowledge about it. Ex. If you are writing your interest is “reading news paper”, then you should have good knowledge about past & current political affair.

Finally I just want to say you that don’t loose your confidence if your academic result is not good. Your confidence, skill & your behavior will give you a job. Always carry a positive attitude with you.

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