How To Find A Genuine Home Based Job!!

In this age of computer and internet everyone like to find a genuine home based job that can be done easily to earn money home comfort. This demand is high among the large number of educated  housewives, students and retired person who want to earn money by utilizing  their leisure time. Now a days finding this kind of home based job is not very difficult but finding a genuine job is really very much difficult. So I will discuss few point so that you can find genuine freelance job.

The most scary part of these home based job is almost all the Indian based company will ask to deposit some amount before they give us their work or membership. So I am not telling you that all those companies are scam and also all those companies are not genuine. So before doing registration for these company, we should check certain parameter of genuineness of these company. Before that we will check the different kind of popular home based job that is available now.

Ad Posting Job

In this kind of job company will give you the ad matter and the list of different classified site. And the job of the employee is to post those ad matter in different classified sites and collect the final hyperlink that you have to submit to the employer. Mostly you will get paid only for per active ad. But these are not offline job. To have higher efficiency and to earn good salary, internet is must and your typing speed should be fast.

Writing Job

In these kind of job you have to write article or story for your employer. And you will get paid for that. You get the payment depending upon the quality and length of the article or story. These are again offline job but if you are writing an informative article then you should have basic access of internet to get the more resource for your article. These kind of jobs are mostly genuine. For payment you can always negotiate with your employer. Work a a freelancer so that you can sell your article for highest benefit. You can also decide your terms to sell your article.

Data Typing Job

In these kind of job you have to type data from image file by following some format specification. Some company will also give some software to open the image file and word file together, but some company will not provide you any kind of software, in this case you have to open two file(Image file & Word file) then you have to resize those two window, then you can re-position the size of two window side by side and do your work.

You will get paid for page wise. Sometime employer may deduct your payment for your lower accuracy rate also. To do typing job you don’t need an internet connection, so you can do this work offline.


Lots of branded company do this survey to check the popularity of their product. But you may not get a constant source of income from these kind of job because you will be called for a survey only if your profile matches with the requirement of the survey. So you can do these kind of work with you as optional. This kind of jobs are online job and you need to be online to get the access of this job.

Paid To Click(PTC)

Here you will get money to click on some advertisement. But payment per ad is very less. There are only few website which will pay you genuinely like Neobux. These website will ask to upgrade your free membership by investing some amount to increase your earning per click. But don’t invest without learning the proper way to earn money from these websites. You need to be good in calculation to get profit from these sites.


Now we will see how to check if we are investing money in safe place

  • Don’t invest if the registration fees is very high for you and also for the job.
  • Check if the registration amount is refundable or not.
  • Don’t do the registration in case you think the given time duration to complete the work is very less and you  actually have to work full time to do that.
  • Do not get involved if any company is asking the required accuracy rate above 90%.
  • Read all the terms and conditions before doing the registration. Ask question to your employer if you find any “*” or “#” which has no explanation.
  • Confirm all the terms and condition orally through telephonic conversation and check if they are telling the same thing as it is written in their site.
  • Check the behavior of the employee. Don’t go ahead if you found something fishy, it may or may not be a genuine home based job.

Lastly I want to say you that use your intelligence to find a genuine job. You may need a job but don’t be in hurry to do the registration.

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