How to Earn Money by Trading Books Online

The main idea of every business is buying or manufacturing product at low cost and selling at high rate. The concept is same here but the platform is internet and this is a great freelance business idea where you don’t have to invest a penny from your pocket. Here I am going to explain you how we can purchase textbooks from one site and sell on another site with good profit.

You don’t need to move anywhere physically, no more garage sales and sweating. All your transactions will take place online and profit will be transferred in your account.

Let’s come to the process

• Before buying a book, check the selling price at sites like eBay. Here you’ll get your buying price.

• Next step is to find out a purchaser for the book who is ready to pay more than what you saw on eBay.

How will you find such buyer

 • is the main tool in this step. Open the site, write book’s ISBN number and then site will generate all the information regarding book and of those buyback companies which are willing to pay the most for that book.

• Always use this tool ( before purchasing any book to make sure you have a potential buyer for your product.

How I used this last year

Last year I checked a Book “Quantum Mechanics” with total cost of $58.67 including shipping cost.
To safeguard the profit I verified the potential buyer at, there I found was ready to pay $63.47 and they will bear the shipping cost as well, and I could earn $4.80 at this trade.

On the other side, at Rent Scouter, I found Amazon’s Buyback program was also willing to pay $73.87 Amazon gift card. Since Amazon’s program also provides free shipping services, here I could earn a profit of $15.20 gift card. Pretty nice!

Don’t think you are the only champ here who is going to play this Trade-Game, there are several players already settled on the ground; and I think you might have noticed the profit margin per book is quite low. However, you can easily raise the profit by increasing the quantity of your products. If you can make profit of $4 on each book, you just have to trade five books a day to make $600 a month. It should not be much hard, as millions of books are available online.

How you can increase the value of your book

 • At the end of the semester, many schools offer buyback programs to alleviate the financial stress of students, but they don’t offer the real value of books to students and they sell books at a very high price. However, it doesn’t mean it is totally futile. While school-buyback–program is ineffective and dry, you can still make use of it by examining all the rates they offer for books. After getting the rate list, you should go to admission office and get student roster, and then you can contact all those students to see if they are interested in buying old textbooks from you at low cost than what they will pay for it in campus bookstore.

• Another factor that influences the book value is “Packaging.” If you won’t pay attention to book-packaging, it may affect the condition of the book, and in worst situation, buyer can return the received book. Thus, in order to get positive response for your business, you must take packaging seriously. There are several methods of packaging available online which are cheap, simple and best. You must give them a try.

If you are ready to try this money earning adventure then keep these points in mind

 • Books that you order should be in a good condition and when you sell them must be in a better. Modest wear & tear will work; but shred pages, especially cover, can cause you a trouble.

• To avoid severe damages, wrap your book properly with care. Otherwise, it would be no wonder if you find your ripped book back at the front of your door.

• Never forget to count the shipping cost.

• Choose payment method smartly; pick those methods that don’t charge any fees.

• Moreover, if you want to be millionaire, then read those books before trading.

To me this idea is working great and I think there are so many opportunities available in the market that can fill your pocket with some extra money and you should try it. I am thinking to store some books at the back of my car and drive through a college at the end of this semester. What say?

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