Earn Extra Money Using Your Smartphones

Many a times we run short of money, and even after exercising all the efforts we find no way to pay off the debts. If you’re in such situation or planning to save a little extra for 2016, then these tips are indeed reliefs for you. There are some activities listed below that you can adopt in your daily life and liberate yourself from the pain of debts or out of budget extra expenses that occurred during 2015 holiday seasons. So, here are some ways of earning extra money through mobile that will help you in paying off the debts.

Health will Gain You Wealth

We all, directly or indirectly, invest a lot in order to be healthy, and who doesn’t desire to look fit? But, won’t that be great, if someone would pay you to be healthy? Of course, but why would some pay you for sake of your health? It sounds like a flight of the imagination, but it’s not. There are several online companies like HealthyWage and DietBet that are ready to pay you if you successfully lose weight.

They will let you to put wagers first, which you can set anytime from anywhere through mobile, then you’ve to lose weight, and upon being successful, they will pay you. Afterward, you can also consider to start your own exercise boot camp with your friends first in nearby park, onlookers will certainly join you with each passing day, and this way you can build up your own health business.

Earn While Shopping

We all – except cave men – go for shopping at super market, more than half of our budget fritter here. However, the good thing is you can also gain a little of what you are going to spend there at super market with just one app. You might have heard about Nielsen; this is well known company for its work of tracking TV ratings. They have an app through which you have to scan the groceries and send them data; in exchange they will pay you for the efforts.
You only have to sign up at Nielsen consumer panel, and you will receive free scanner from them or if you prefer you can use your own smart phone as well. When you will go for shopping, you have to scan the bar-codes of each product and send data to NCP.

You can check their website to find which offer is available at your geographical area. But remember, you are not going to be rich here with such deals, in the end it is all about a little extra cash in the pocket.

 Earn Through Google

Now a day, as technologies is advancing, there are number less tech companies that are ready to pay their clients who are using their services and Google is one of them. You just have to install the app of the company in your smart phone, and they will pay you for the time you keep them installed.

The time you will install the app, company will accumulate the data from your cell phone to understand the clients and their liking, this data company will use for future endeavors of creating new user friendly products. The data company collect are: which sites users mostly surf, at what time of the day or night users spend most of the time on internet, how many times users switch on the internet, which apps they most prefer to use to use. To earn more from such apps, you must install as much apps as you can. You can even earn more than 500$ from such apps. Here are few apps that you install:

  • Smart Panel

Upon downloading and installation, they will pay you $5 instantly. And if you use it for another two weeks, they will add another $10 in your balance. Afterwards, if you keep the app installed, they will keep on adding $5 at every month. In this way, approximately, with this one app you can earn $75 a year without any efforts.

  • Media Insiders Panel

This app will pay you $5 at every month after installation. Besides, you can install this app on three different devices, this will enhance the earning potential from this app, and you can possibly earn $180 a year.

  • Having iPhone, Use Nielsen

If you’re using iPhone, then you must try Nielsen app, they will pay you $50 a year just for keeping the app in your phone.
However, if you don’t have iPhone, but if your age is above 45, you can use Nielsen mobile panel, which will pay you $50/year.

  • Mobile Expressions

This app is for android users only. Once you download it for a week, you will be invited to play reward games where they provide gifts to every participant. Gifts ranges from Amazon cards to Samsung TVs and iPads.

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