Earn By Sharing Your Knowledge!!

Now a days getting a proper job is very much difficult for an educated guy. It is not because that we have lack of knowledge but the problem is that the available jobs don’t suits our requirement or the expectation of the employers are much higher than the pay scale of their employees. Being from middle class family we can’t really use the above situation as an excuse to fulfill our daily needs. Finally we have to bow our head in front of employers and keep on trying hard to adjust our needs.

Here what I want to say is we all are educated and we have the degrees from some recognized Universities. So why don’t we share our knowledge globally and earn money by doing the same? Yes, here I am trying to say all about the teaching profession.

This will give us freedom from employers as well as from the financial tension. But to do this job there is certain step that we should follow properly.


First Step:

We should have fluency in English writing & speaking. Because we may have studied in other language but at present situation we all know the wide acceptance of the English language throughout India & world wide. Now a days more parents are trying to admit their children in English medium school. So we can get more student to share our knowledge with. And also we can share our knowledge with foreign students which in turn will increase our earning capacity.

Second Step:

Now when you have prepared yourself for this profession then you have to take a final decision that do you want to teach by using online method or offline method? Because in case of Online method you can share your knowledge with larger section of the student and geographical location will not matter for you. But In case Offline method your knowledge sharing base will be limited. The great thing is we can use both the method to increase your earning.

Now I will give little more details about Online & Offline Method of teaching-

Online Teaching:

In this method you can promote yourself by using different social media like LinkedIn, Facebook or twitter or work as a freelancer or you can also make a website for yourself to do this.


Another way of doing this is register yourself with some website and they will check your qualification, experience and your teaching method. And if you are selected then they will provide you the login id which you have to use to login as a teacher and you can select how much you will charge, hourly basis or contract basis etc. You money will be transferred directly in to you account.

The best thing is you can earn money from home.

Offline Teaching:

In this method of teaching also you have a choice to start it independently and you can start it from your home.

Now a days Institution businesses are also booming. So the demand of quality teacher is also high. In this you have to visit to the institution to teach the student.


One thing to keep in mind that you have to maintain the standard of your teaching method and up to date your knowledge base continuously which is the key of your success in long term. You earning along with your demand will keep on rising as long as you will maintain your standard.

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