4 Best Ways of Earning From the Comfort of Home

Are you looking for a home based work that you can do from the comfort of your home and earn a little cash for your pocket? Here I have listed four jobs that you can undertake and pay off your debts, you won’t require any specific qualification for that, just an interest and a few hours to invest and you’re all settle to raise your monthly income. So here are five jobs that you can perform from your home.

Work as Transcriptionist and Earn $25

This is the best job for those who doesn’t like to talk much or making sales phone calls. It is one of the most flexible home jobs that don’t require any previous experience. This can be a dream job for students who seek extra cash for their pocket. You can work as a transcriptionist. The best part is this job let you decide how much you want to earn. I mean, you can set your own working hours and fix your timing as it suits you. You can work as many hours as you want and earn according to that.


But before you plunge on this, I would forewarn you about the repetitive nature of this job. You may have to listen the same audio again and again in order to ensure that you have transcribed the work perfectly. It can be a little boring. However, you will earn a good chunk of money from this.

So, here are few companies that would like to hire you:

  • TranscribeMe: If you are fresher, this company will be best for you. You have to pass TranscribeMe’s short transcriptionist test in order to be considered for this position. If you pass the test your status will get shift from applicant to waiting list for transcription projects. There you’ll be received 10 seconds short audio files which you have to transcribe without any deadlines. The company pays weekly $20 per audio hour via PayPal.
  • Rev: This Company will ask you to pass a skill test before you claim any paid assignment there. But working hours are flexible like TranscribeMe, you can work and earn as much you want.
  • You can also consider Tigerfish, Quicktate and Crowdsurf for transcription job.

Test Websites

We all surf the several distinct websites and sometime we have pleasure experience and sometimes a few websites just vex us because of its confusing design, structure and management. You might have had the same experience and shared the same either in website’s comment section or with your friends in general. This is our general nature analyzing different experiences, then why don’t you make the comments to the owner of the website and in exchange earn a little – no, not curses, but money. Yes, there are several websites which will pay you for critics.


I, personally, have done that. So, I’m pretty sure you can also earn a good chunk through this way. You can earn an average of $30 per hour by testing the websites.

You can join the User Testing Company. There you’ve to download software which will let you check availability of tasks. When you will get the task, you simply have to surf the website, your every movement such as clicks, comments, key strokes etc will get recorded as a video. Afterward, there is a questionnaire that you would require to fill. The entire process takes only 15 – 20 minutes.

Work Online as Focus Group

Every product that you see placed on the shelves of grocery store goes through several testing and verifying process before reaching there. There are some professional behind the strategy of TV commercial idea. And here somewhere in between concept and final edits, focus group involves and functions.


Focus group varies in sizes and strategies, this influence the compensation of focus group. However, ever focus group receives good compensation for their work. It can be PayPal deposit, gift card or a check. If focus group is more formal and work profoundly, the payment would be high around $100 – $200. ProOpinion is one the best paying focus group that you must consider.

Watch Television & Earn

So far television has been one of the most time wastage factors. But here I am going to tell you how you can use your time and earn money for watching television. Yes, there are some companies that will pay you for giving them news about the incidents that is happening in the television.


There is a new company called RewardTV, you have to give them detailed answers about TV shows and script down the story that happened in last nights’ TV shows. They need story of all TV serials and if you provide them daily after watching the show, they will pay you money for that. You are not going to get rich by this, but this is a good way for earning a little extra cash $ 20 – $30 per month.

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